Dr. B.S. Venkateswara Rao
MD (Hom)

Bio-Dynamic Holistic Health


Dr. Hahnemann invented homoeopathy in 1795 , in Germany.

Hahnemann’s homoeopathic fundamental principles are single-Simple-Similar.

His discovery of remedy potentization is a unique in homeopathic treatment.

Potentizing a medicine means making a herb/chemical/medicinal substance in to energy form to make sure to have No- Side effects and to apply in broader area to cover the constitution of a person.

The case taking process is vital in homoeopathy. In the case taking processes the doctor will be collecting the entire data, one way biography of the person to prescribe in a holistic manner.

Vandana homoeopathic hospital by principle practices worldwide accepted classical homoeopathy under strict Hahnemannian Principles.


A patient may describe all the symptoms orally .The doctor will record all the data. You may have doubt what is the confirmation? Patients laboratory reports , radiological reports will give the disease information and its stage. But for constitution assessment, to know the energy blocks they are not sufficient.

Homoeopathy based on diseases originate from vital energy imbalance , inefficacy, insufficiency, blocks etc.

Computerized pulse metabolic analysis is a non invasive test which gives randomly Vital-Energy blocks, certain hidden connections and energy imbalances of the person's body organs which helps to selecting the therapeutic modality more appropriately.



Homoeopathy has the Miasmatic concept which is parallel with the concept of TRIDOSHA in Ayurveda.

Maisams as well as Tridosha depends on persons biorhythms.

The are assed by structure, weather reactions, habits, psychology, pulse etc.

Every individual need a separate diet and exercise etc. in relation with Homeopathic constitutional treatment.

Computerized pulse metabolic analysis, guides the doctor to assess the constitution , for proper councelling.


We Indians are familiar with Pancha-bhuta theory.

Five element theory is more detailed and simplified in traditional Chinese system.

Like miasma- Tridosha , it a detailed analysis of the energy model of body organs.

These five element properties of organs will form the meridian net work of the body in giving body mapping.

Through pulse metabolic Traditional Chinese medicinal system, we assess the energy pattern of Meridians and five elements to bring back and keep the health in balance.


Rejuvenation- low energy levels or malnutrition ,make some times the best selected medicine may fail.

This concept says that Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins & Trace Elements are important in keeping the balance of health even with homeopathic treatment.

To suggest the required diet or vitamin , to keep away from the unwanted food we need a scientific approach.

Nutrition and vitamins are energy providing supplements . Computerized pulse metabolic analysis helps in suggesting the food and vitamin.

QOL-(Quality of Living )

QOL-(Quality of Living ) -Mistletoe therapy

Cancer is now days prevalent in many families

Cancer causes Helplessness-Anxiety-Panic-Fear in the cancer affected family .

Homoeopathy with Mistletoe therapy will help in Improving the QOL-(Quality of Life ) .

It will minimise the suffering, in some cases it may cure -in some cases it will help as a palliative .

Vandana homoeopathy offers Mistletoe Therapy.

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