Dr. B.S. Venkateswara Rao
MD (Hom)

Bio-dynamic method of treatment -
Vandana Homoeopathic Hospital specialty.



Chief Homoeopathic Consultant at Vandana Homoeopathic Hospital since 1986.

Scientific papers presented at different seminars :
  1. “Observing child in clinic” .Kakinada, IIHP. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Study of rubrics of mind Rajahmundry. IIHP. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Children types Homeopathy Vizag IIHP. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Spondylosis and Homeopathy Vizag, IIHP. Andhra Pradesh
  5. Hiv aids Homeopathy iihp Vijag, IIHP. Andhra Pradesh
  6. Fevers in children management -Vijayawada mother and child Programme. 2007
  7. Modern prescriptions in Homeopathy Eluru IIHP. Andhra Pradesh 2008
  8. Ovarian malignancy homoeopathic management Nelluru, IIHP. Andhra Pradesh 2009
  9. Pulse diagnosis Hyderabad IIHP. Andhra Pradesh 2010
  10. Computerized pulse diagnosis in Homeopathy IIHP national seminar new Delhi 2010
  11. Psoriasis and rare Remedies , Khammam IIHP. Andhra Pradesh 2011
  12. Diabetes management with the help of pulse diagnosis Guntur, IIHP. Andhra Pradesh2012
  13. Pulse diagnosis and categorization of symptoms Hyderabad, 2012
  14. Pulse diagnosis one day work shop in Post-graduate school of Homeopathy, Mumbai. 2012
  15. Pulse diagnosis in homeopathy – international acupuncture conference Bangalore2014
  16. Miasms and Pulse, Visakhapatnam IIHP. Andhra Pradesh.2014
  17. Pulse diagnosis an educational tool international acupuncture conference Bangalore 2015