Dr. B.S. Venkateswara Rao
MD (Hom)

When the health problem is not visualized in a holistic way, and tries to look in terms of pathological diagnosis and treated with different and mixture of many medicines or antibiotics or pain killers or steroids or chemotherapeutic agents that is not homoeopathy!

If it is treated by simple small and a specially, logically selected with homoeopathic basic principles then only it is homoeopathy.

  1. A nonmedical man sees the health and disease in a two dimensional knowledge.
  2. Where as, health and disease again multi dimensional.
  3. Homoeopaths look the problem in different dimensions.
  1. Pathological /physiological and physical.
  2. Patients constitution (different to each person)
  3. Applied homoeopathy.

Many times we have a doubt -is disease some thing coming from out side? In reality our body is protected by a mechanism or specialized energy which has one force which can give a healthy energy or a disease energy or both or in combination. As long as we are living in the environment it will be self adjusting with the both to maintain the equilibrium or homoeostasis. When it is shifted to one side then we get the result of that thing which naturally causes a shift in metabolic /functional/structural changes or attracts the disease causing infections like virus/bacteria etc.

All diseases are classified in to emergencies, acute diseases, chronic diseases and surgical disease. Emergencies generally dealt by the intensive or special care units.

  1. Acute diseases can deal by any system of medicine effectively.
  2. Chronic diseases homoeopathy has its own efficacy and specialization.
  3. Surgical problems as they are termed certainly need surgical intervention.
  4. But if surgical cases are in borderline situation are not an emergency situation some times they can be treated homeopathically e.g. Renal calculi, tonsillitis, adenoiditis, appendsities, disc syndromes, fibroids, etc.

Homeopathy got a potential solution for psychological or psychosomatic problems. And in general homoeopaths take the entire case history in all angles- main concern with emotional, intellectual, behavioral aspect to know the constitution and personality of the particular person so that it cure the diseases and brings a healthy psychological attitude in that person. You can consult and take medicine beginning from inferiority complex, fears, phobias, anxieties, nervousness, paranoid symptoms, obsessions etc.

Many times we will be eager to know how this happened to me only. It is an important aspect that a person going for medical treatment process to understand his diseases and complications and outcome of that problem. We can get a general answer if we understand the general health and disease model given I faq no 3. and better discuss the thing with your doctor in particular problem.

Long term management of health by preventing recurrences, reducing intensity of health problem and ultimately aiming for cure is the main aim of homeopathic treatment. When we suddenly get trouble we try to come out of it by different methods, with others help or suggestion. So health problem also a problem where we should take proper suggestion and information regarding that matter and different methods of medical treatments. By that ultimately we get a good result. Same way if we take the help of homoeopathic science certainly it will help.

If you take the health model again in to consideration it is easy to handle the superficial problems with physical or physiological doses of a medical substance. As homoeopathy deals with the energy levels of health and disease it necessary to prepare medical substance to reach he energy level. In that process the medical substance loses its physical appearance and quantity but reaches a energy quality and this is preserved in sugar of milk, distilled water or rectified spirit. So all homeopathic medicines look alike and are available as white pills all over the world.

In universe many complicated and complex and vital process are initiated with a minimum energy. All function in our human body also work with a minimal energy. So to initiate a cure for health from a disease also needs little energy so no doubt homoeopathic pills which are power packed works wonders. ---If we want see the mountain we look with naked eye. If want see the space we see with telescope. If want to see bacteria we look under microscope. Like manner if we want to treat a physiological problem we treat with physical doses. As in homoeopathy we treat the dynamic disease with energy medicine with are prepared in specialized process, called optimization witch is only belongs to homoeopathy , so in that process all pills which are vehicles or preservers of homeopathic medicines , so they look a like.

Many a times we question why so many different methods of treatments? Why not a single. But as the man living in a complex world , has to face so many problems and so so-many solutions. Every time a person faces a problem he tries to find out a easy and best solution. As 200 years back Hahnemann had a problem in his medical practice he tried to get some solution and handed it over to the rest of medical world which became a popular since of homeopathy practiced all over world now.

Scientific approach is of two methods. one is set a point and get the answer and try to find the same result in others. second is as the universe is unique and the human being also. every human being is individualistic so his problems are different with many combinations. so unless you know the complete information of that particular individual it is not going to be a scientific method of investigating that particular case with out any pejudice. so to get the right a data the process and questioner looks like irrelevant and nonsensical.

Patient and doctor partnership is more importent in the treatment of homoeopathy. It gives more importance to the patients self observation and make the person to observe minor and subtle things in his body and mind so that self adjusting mechanism starts working with the help of homoeopathic medicine. As this is a steady and solid foundation to correct and balance their altered health, it needs a long term management.

In the process of gathering the entire data it looks the physician is looking in to our personal matters. But it is very important that a drastic change may happens in our health in a given point where our emotional or environmental friction took place. So to understand that it in must for homoeopathic doctor to know about the entire incident or happenings or personal life matters.

If homoeopaths use above said medicines then it is not HOMOEOPATHY and those are not HOMOEOPATHS. Homoeopathy developed on the principle which is exactly opposite to the above said methods of medication!

When our external environment or pollution effects our health why not the diet? So taking good and healthy food is necessary. In general few diseases are aggravated by certain foods. Naturally we have to avoid those foods as long as we are suffering with that disease. But there are no certain diet restriction charts for all homoeopathic medicines are diseases. It is a subject specialization.

When you are prepared to take a 5or 7 day antibiotic course in fever or diarrhea or any other acute problem, why not you try homoeopathy which gives better results .To know the symptom picture to prescribe a correct drug homoeopaths wont mask the symptoms, so the symptoms are visible but your recovery will be faster with out weakness or unwanted side effects.

It is experienced by many mothers that homoeopathy is safe and easy to administer. They have immense confidence in homoeopathy so they regularly visit their homeopath for the day to day problems like diarrhea, vomiting, infections, colds, coughs, asthmas, skin problems, behavioral problems, bedwetting etc.

200 years of contribution through research and experience of homeopathic physicians from all over world given a treasure of medical help to the pregnancy and delivery related ailments like vomiting less weight of baby, less movements , post partum depression, less milk, nipple problems etc.

Menopause and hysterectomy after women face many metabolic or hormone related symptoms. It is safe and gives encouraging results in them.

This is an area where one will suggest to take homoeopathy because it is normal every day or other they may develop a new symptom or trouble. So it a need to have family doctor to attend for moral and physical support. As many old age related problems are irreversible it is better to manage with a simple method of treatment like homoeopathy.

Don't believe it blindly. It is not to believe. It is to be experienced. Ask or see someone benefited by homoeopathy by a properly qualified physician and try it . Then only you experience and believe.

Happy and easy feeling is health even with a physical problem. After homoeopathic medicine you can feel the ease and happiness before the starting of disappearing of disease condition. Where the immune system starts it function properly to remove the disease in later steps with out disturbing your day to day work.

As explained above in health and disease model, homeopaths can treat any person with different ailments. But to-days modern trends we require the names of the diseases so here are listed some disease conditions.