Dr. B.S. Venkateswara Rao
MD (Hom)

A lady 23 years found a bald patch on her vertical region after removal of hair in Tirupathi. She worried and applied some home made herbal application . it gave a reaction on that area. Then immediately she approached Vandana homeopathy for consultation. We took the case gave holistic treatment. After the treatment she was happy.


A 45 year man who is proud of his moustache suddenly started losing hair in a patch on left of his moustache. He is not having any other ailments except t this. This the progression after homeopathic treatment in Vandana homoeopathic hospital..


A 25 year old multinational company employee approached Vandana homeopathic hospital with psoriasis lesions on body. His case completely analysed homoeopathically and with computerised pulse analysis. Selected suitable homeopathic medicine with a proper nutritional plan and vitamin zed food.

A female Clint came for swelling in finger joints and tightness of ring fingers.. followed by puffiness of face..hair fall since 7 yrs.. These complaints started after left knee surgery.. bald spots.. coming , she is taking localized Injections’ ..on scalp..immediately they are recovering . they are recurring once in 3 months..severe for 2 weeks again comes to normal.. during that time lost weight 10 kg..(previously 75 kg) now it is fluctuating in between 60 -65kg..which is a major concern to reduce at least for 55 kgs. she is feeling heaviness sensation of body morning after waking up.. she is staying in working women hostel.. works for a stock broking company .

Out of curiosity she underwent the pulse analysis test..