Tridosha Test

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Quantity hair: average becomes thinner thick
Type hair: dry normal greasy
Color hair: pale brown, fair red, redbrown dark brown, black
Skin: dry, rough soft, greasy moist, greasy
Complexion: dark pink to red pale, white
Eyes - iris size: small average big
White of the eye: blue or brown shining yellowish of red white or shining
Size of the teeth: very big or very small small to average average to large
Teeth: dark yellowish pearlwhite
Mental Activity: quick, restless smart intellect, agressive calm, stable
Memory: short term bad good memory long term is best
Dreams: frightening, flying angry, fiery, violent water, clouds, relations
Reaction to weather situation: aversion to cold aversion to heat aversion to moist, cool
Sleep: interupted light healthy, av. lenght healthy, long
Reactions under pressure: very fast heated quickly angry, variable
not fast irritated
Moods: change quickly change slowly steady, constant
Women puls rate in rest hb/p/min.: 80-100 70-80 60-70
Man puls rate in rest hb/p/min.: 70-90 60-70 50-60
Body figure: small average big
Body weight: light, hard to gain weight average heavy, easely gain weight
Endurance: poor well very well
Strenght: little well excellent
Hunger: irregular sharp, must eat can skip a meal
Food and drinks: prefer warm drinks prefer cold prefer dry and warm
Eat: quick average slow
Finances: not thrifty, quick spender saving, but spending
saving, build up fortune
Need for sex: irregular moderate big
Secration: droog, hard, constipatie much, soft to normal heavy, thick, regular
Way of walking: quickly, fast average, steady slow
Voice pitch: high, quick average low, deep of sound